Update 11-16-14

I decided to load plots as I get them from my writers, instead of waiting until I had the full set to load them into the website. You can see the current list of loaded “series plots” at any time, by visiting the “Plots” page within the website HERE. This page is broken down into two lists: Complete Sets Partial Sets Complete Sets List Cooper Brothers Series – Historical Western Romance (10-Set) Ronwald Hes Series – Fantasy (5-Set) Partial Sets List The Matchmaker Series – Contemporary Romance (10-Set, 2 Currently Available) The Saddle Wary Series – Contemporary Western Romance (10-Set, 5 Currently Available) Minkin Werewolf Clan Series – Werewolf Paranormal (10-Set, 1 Currently Available) I will also have the first two plots in a Science Fiction series loaded in the next couple days. The writer sent me the second plot, but missed sending the first plot. As soon as I Continue reading

More Series Plots Coming

I asked around today whether people thought I should hold back a series plot set until all of the plots in the series were done, or whether I should load the plots I already have in possession for the series. Everyone I talked to said I should go ahead and post the singles in the series as they are completed. So, I will start doing that today. Bill Platt

Update 11-05-2014

Welcome everyone. Thank you for your purchase. Just to let you know, since launching this program, I have hired three more writers. I am going to re-arrange the category hierarchy in the coming days to indicate: 10-sets; 5-sets; Singles I don’t plan on releasing singles, but if I pay a writer who washes out, I will still have paid for that initial plot. I have advised four of my plot writers to create sets of 10 plots in the series. I have advised one of my plot writers to create sets of 5 plots in the series. I am expecting to have 8-12 series plots on the website by the end of your first month in the program. I have received a number of suggestions for genres. We will be adding each of those suggestions into actual series plots. I wanted to advise you as to what is expected to Continue reading