Special Note for people downloading PDF and Doc files

I just received an alert from Amazon concerning Amazon S3 services where the PDF and DOC files are stored. As of 12:00 AM PDT May 20, 2015, AWS will discontinue support of SSLv3 for securing connections to S3 buckets. Security research published late last year demonstrated that SSLv3 contained weaknesses in its ability to protect and secure communications. These weaknesses have been addressed in Transport Layer Security (TLS), which is the replacement for SSL. Consistent with our top priority to protect AWS customers, AWS will only support versions of the more modern TLS rather than SSLv3. You are receiving this email because some of your users are accessing Amazon S3 using a browser configured to use SSLv3. These requests will fail once AWS disables support for SSLv3 for the Amazon S3 service. The following bucket(s) are currently accepting requests from clients (e.g. mobile devices, browsers, and applications) that specify SSLv3 Continue reading

4-20-15 Update

I just uploaded four new plots in the The Haunted House Series. Uploaded tonight includes: Book #4 Book #5 Book #6 Book #7 I still have several paranormal romance plots to upload. I also have a few historical romance plots written by M.H., and I will get these uploaded soon as well. Additionally, I had wrestled for months with finding people to write mystery plots. I found it really difficult to find writers willing to tackle mystery plots, so I took a change in course on how to develop the mystery plots. I had a brainstorm, when it comes to the mystery plots, and I decided to find writers who could design a working outline for a mystery story. The mystery outlines will be delivered in a different format: Case Suspects Clues Solution With this new design, I was able to pick up two new writers immediately. I will be Continue reading

Erotica Romance Love Scenes Website Now Live

Today I have good news for you. In December of 2014, I posted about my stance on Erotica Plots. In that post, I told you that I don’t have any reservations about making available to you Erotica content, however, many customers and most of my affiliates are opposed to my offering such content from this website. My stance is that we are all adults, and as such, we can each make our own decisions about whether we want to read or write erotica romance. I have been asked by dozens of customers to keep the content on this website clean and family-friendly. And more than 80% of my affiliates have stated that they would not promote any program related to erotica romance. To respect those folks who feel this way, FictionPlots.com will never contain erotica content within it. Yet, I have also had dozens of requests from other people to Continue reading

Login Problems (See this before it happens to you)

Some people are having login problems after a rebill period. When you see the URL from JVzoo with the question mark in it, don’t use it. It does not work, after the first time you use it when you set up your account. Product Access URL: http://fictionplots.com/members/?insta_mode=product_access&processor=jvzoo&insta_id=1&insta_receipt=xxxxxxxxxxxxxx-xxxxx You are only supposed to use that URL when you are setting up your account for the first time. If you try to use it after your account has been set up, the website will hang when you try to login. Jvzoo should not be sending that particular URL with the email, but they do every single month. I haven’t been able to figure out how to fix this issue. Please bookmark this URL instead. It works every time, the first time: http://fictionplots.com/members/welcome/ Bill Platt