June 2019 Update

My three primary writers quit in 2017-2018 due to a variety of personal reasons: one finished college, one got married, and one had a major illness in the family. The one who finished college in May of 2017 has returned to work and she is sending me new plots regularly. Important to a lot of you, she has sent me the 5th in the “Marriage of Convenience” series that a number of you have requested. I have several plots from her that I intend to add to the website in the coming weeks. The lady who had a major illness in the family has also indicated a desire to return to work in the coming weeks. As far as I am concerned these are two of my most talented writers historically, F.A. and K.S. After almost one year of intermittent plots being added to the website, we are moving into Continue reading

Last 500 Additions link is BEST way to navigate

A couple years ago, I added a link to the toolbar and menu in the left sidebar that is called “Last 500 Additions“. This link is the VERY BEST WAY to navigate this website. With more than 785 pages on this website currently, there is simply no better way to navigate than to follow the Last 500 Additions to see what has been added and when. Bill Platt

FictionPlots.com Questions & Answers

If you are already a Lifetime member, then there is still some information for you in this post, but the bulk of the post will be focused on the previously offered Lifetime Plan. I will list the Question first in bold, then I will share the Answer directly below. First, the information for everyone…. Question:  Is this program still active? The last plot I see listed in the website was uploaded in February. Answer:  Yes it is. My lady who takes care of uploading plots to the website has been on leave since February, but she is scheduled to return to work in the next few days. I still have four writers producing plots, and we have about 60 new plots to add to the site currently. UPDATE 7-17-2017: We have added 57 new plots in the last six weeks. We are back to running full speed ahead. The best Continue reading

The Matchmaker Series Download Files Corrected

I have had several people contact me about the download files on “The Matchmaker Series” being inaccurate. The download files have now been updated to include the entire series. Download Files for this series: p.s. I will be uploading more plots this week. I have over 70 additional plots covering several series to include in the website. p.p.s. I rarely do post updates like this. We simply add new plots and keep moving forward. Bill Platt

Where Are All Of The Updates?

You can see the updates shown on this web page in real time: http://fictionplots.com/members/last-500-additions/ Arielle is taking care of uploading new plots and creating new plots to add to the website. We have so far loaded 40 plots in September of 2015. If you want to keep up with what is new, keep up with the page that shows the Last 500 Additions. I post these updates only occasionally, but the page shown above updates the site to the minute. Bill Platt Ponca City, Oklahoma USA

FictionPlots.com Member Update Just Emailed

Hello Everyone, I got a couple emails this week asking about the new content that I have been adding to the FictionPlots.com website. If you haven’t been able to find that new content on your own, I have discovered this week that you are not the only one. There are two bits of good news here: * I figured out this past week how to set up a specific page on the site that will programmatically always show what content was added to the site most recently, and the page will show a date and provide a link to those new pages. I will be adding this programming solution to the website this coming week. * A lot of content has been added to FictionPlots.com in the last month, and in this email, I am going to show you how to find it. I have been a little distracted for Continue reading

Special Note for people downloading PDF and Doc files

I just received an alert from Amazon concerning Amazon S3 services where the PDF and DOC files are stored. As of 12:00 AM PDT May 20, 2015, AWS will discontinue support of SSLv3 for securing connections to S3 buckets. Security research published late last year demonstrated that SSLv3 contained weaknesses in its ability to protect and secure communications. These weaknesses have been addressed in Transport Layer Security (TLS), which is the replacement for SSL. Consistent with our top priority to protect AWS customers, AWS will only support versions of the more modern TLS rather than SSLv3. You are receiving this email because some of your users are accessing Amazon S3 using a browser configured to use SSLv3. These requests will fail once AWS disables support for SSLv3 for the Amazon S3 service. The following bucket(s) are currently accepting requests from clients (e.g. mobile devices, browsers, and applications) that specify SSLv3 Continue reading

Login Problems (See this before it happens to you)

Some people are having login problems after a rebill period. When you see the URL from JVzoo with the question mark in it, don’t use it. It does not work, after the first time you use it when you set up your account. Product Access URL: http://fictionplots.com/members/?insta_mode=product_access&processor=jvzoo&insta_id=1&insta_receipt=xxxxxxxxxxxxxx-xxxxx You are only supposed to use that URL when you are setting up your account for the first time. If you try to use it after your account has been set up, the website will hang when you try to login. Jvzoo should not be sending that particular URL with the email, but they do every single month. I haven’t been able to figure out how to fix this issue. Please bookmark this URL instead. It works every time, the first time: http://fictionplots.com/members/welcome/ Bill Platt