Book #1

A Demon Hungers


Scarlett Hill is babysitting the Taylor twins. When the twins’ uncle returns home, Scarlett feels an instant connection. Joe Taylor is funny, sweet and caring but he has something in mind – something which is very frightening. Once the twins have gone to bed, Joe pulls out a Ouija board and asks Scarlett to give it a try. The two teenagers play a deadly game without realizing how scary things were about to happen. And then it starts – a haunting.


Aaron and Iris Taylor are going out to a party and they leave their 16-month-old twins at home with their babysitter, Scarlett Hill. Scarlett loves babysitting Cole and Avery: the twins are like little angels for her. Joe Taylor comes home from a party and finds Scarlett doing her homework in the living room. The teenagers connect instantly and Joe suggests they play a board game. Scarlett agrees. Little did she know what Joe had brought back home. It was a Ouija board. They start playing and soon realize that they aren’t alone anymore.


Scarlett Hill (Protagonist)- Scarlett has bright blue eyes and long red hair. She is 5’ 3”. Scarlett is a high school student who babysits the Taylor twins.

Personality traits- Warm. Gentle. Spontaneous. Perceptive. Outgoing.

Joe Taylor (Protagonist)- The twins’ uncle. Joe is a senior in high school. He is 5′ 11″ with light brown eyes and auburn hair like the twins.

Personality traits- Outgoing. Fun-loving. Bright. Sensitive. Honest. Playful.

Cole and Avery Taylor- They are 16 months old. Identical twins with light brown eyes and auburn hair. Scarlett babysits the twins.

Aaron and Iris Taylor (Deuteragonist)- The twins’ parents who have gone out for a party and have left the twins under Scarlett’s care.

Core Conflicts:

The twins are left under Scarlett’s care, so she stays with them till they fall asleep. While doing her homework, the twins’ uncle, Joe Taylor, returns home and they start talking. Joe asks her to play a game with him and it turns out to be a Ouija board. Scarlett knows she should stay far away from it but Joe doesn’t take no for an answer. When the board starts answering, Scarlett and Joe are frightened and quickly put it away. But something is already in the house and now they have to protect the twins.


A lot of lives are at stake here – Joe, Scarlett and the twins. Joe realizes that he’s done something wrong, but is it too late? Scarlett tries to protect the twins, risking her own life. But can she save herself? Joe didn’t think anything would go wrong. It was his way of impressing a girl but that sure changes when Scarlett is trying her best to stay alive. So ultimately, it’s a fight to survive and protect themselves against the evil that was unleashed from the board.

10 Chapter Outline:

Chapter 1

Iris Taylor is getting ready to go to her friend’s engagement party when she hears her husband’s calm voice outside the room. He walks into the room holding their babies, talking to them in a soothing tone. The 16-month-old twins blabber in their baby voice and Iris walks toward them and kisses their cheeks. Ten minutes later, the twins’ babysitter, Scarlett Hill, arrives and soon Aaron and Iris leave. Scarlett plays with the twins and reads them a story as they fall asleep. Once the twins are sleeping, she goes downstairs and brings her schoolbooks to the twins’ room. She sits there doing homework when she hears a noise downstairs.

Scarlett goes downstairs and finds a young guy sitting and talking to someone on the phone. He looks up at her when she comes downstairs and smiles. Scarlett smiles back and waits for him to finish his call. After cutting the call, he introduces himself as Joe Taylor, Aaron Taylor’s younger brother. Scarlett introduces herself and Joe asks if the twins are asleep. Scarlett says yes.

Joe goes upstairs to check on the twins. Cole is up and he’s looking around. When he sees Scarlett near the door, he tries to get up and opens his arms wide for her to pick him up.

Chapter 2

Scarlett picks Cole up and hugs him, patting his back soothingly. Joe makes funny faces and cheers him up. Once Cole has gone back to sleep, Joe and Scarlett go downstairs and he offers to make some coffee for them. Scarlett asks Joe if he’s in college and he says he’s a senior in high school. The teenagers talk about school and their friends when Joe remembers something. He tells Scarlett that he was at a friend’s party and his friend lent him a game that they could play. Scarlett tells Joe that she has some homework to do so maybe if he could wait for a while, she could join him.

Joe says OK and offers to help her if she wants any. They hear a cry from the twins’ bedroom and rush upstairs to see Avery awake this time. And her cry has woken Cole up, too. Scarlett gives Avery her bottle and Joe holds Cole in his arms, trying to make him fall asleep again by patting his back. Cole falls asleep again but Avery is a bit active now that she has woken up. Joe offers to hold her till she falls asleep and asks Scarlett to go and do her homework.

Chapter 3

Scarlett hesitates but Joe insists and she graciously accepts his offer and goes downstairs. Twenty minutes later, Joe joins her and she is almost done with her homework. Scarlett asks Joe what game he was suggesting they should play and he pulls out a huge board from his backpack. Scarlett backs off in horror when she sees a Ouija board and tells Joe this is a very bad idea. Joe tells her that there’s no such thing as a ghost and it would be fun. Scarlett tells him that if something goes wrong, they might not have any help. Joe touches her hand and tells her he will protect her if something does go wrong.

He opens the board and Scarlett looks at it carefully. Joe pulls out the planchette and asks Scarlett to keep her fingers on it. Once she does that, Joe places his fingers, too. Joe asks the board if there is someone in this room with them and the planchette starts to move by its own. It moves toward Yes. Scarlett and Joe look at each other in surprise.

Chapter 4

Joe asks the board if it’s a spirit and once again it points to Yes. Then he asks what is the name of the spirit and the planchette moves over a few letters and Joe writes them down one by one. Finally, the name appears–Daniel. Scarlett asks the board if Daniel was here for too long. The board shows Yes again. Scarlett asks another question. She asks if Daniel lived in this house and it says Yes again. Then the planchette moves by itself and Joe writes the words down. It says killed 1990. Joe asks the board if Daniel was here to hurt them and the planchette moves to No. Joe and Scarlett sigh in relief. But soon the plachette moves again and shows He is here to kill. Scarlett tells Joe that they need to stop and he says no. He asks the board who was here to kill and Daniel quickly forms a word-Demon.

Scarlett tells Joe that they should put the board away. But the planchette moves again and points out to few letters–Protect them. And finally it stops at Goodbye. Joe assures Scarlett that it was just a random trick but she tells him Daniel might have been real. She tells Joe that they need to find out what happened. Suddenly, they hear a loud bang coming outside the house. They move toward the front door and open to see no one there.

Chapter 5

Just as they close the door and walk back in, Scarlett sees something from the corner of her eye. Something is shimmering near the stairs and she walks toward that light. Joe follows her curiously and is about to ask what is going on when Scarlett tells him she saw something near the stairs. Just then, they hear three taps on the wall and both jump in shock. Scarlett runs upstairs to the twins’ room and finds them sleeping peacefully. She sits down and feels really cold. Joe apologizes to her for insisting they played that game but Scarlett doesn’t reply.

Joe sits next to her and wraps his arm around her shoulder, pulling her closer. Scarlett hears a bang downstairs and she tells Joe that they should call the police. He agrees and pulls out his phone but finds there’s no battery left. Joe asks Scarlett to use hers but she has left it downstairs. They decide to go downstairs together to get it. Scarlett finds her phone but she isn’t able to call anyone. Just as Scarlett is about to go upstairs again, she sees the planchette on the Ouija board move by itself. Joe goes near it and finds the planchette move over four letters. He reads it out and it says KILL.

Chapter 6

Scarlett is looking at Joe in shock when she feels someone pull her hair roughly. She cries out, trying to hold onto Joe, but an unseen force drags her backward and into Aaron’s study and the door closes with a bang. Joe hears Scarlett’s scream and tries to break the door down when he sees that shimmer over the stairs again. It moves upstairs and he remembers the twins. Joe rushes upstairs and finds both the kids awake and he holds them tightly as he feels a sudden pain down his back. He lifts his t-shirt to find blood and another scream makes him jump. The twins begin to cry and Joe leaves them in their room when he feels Daniel’s presence next to him. Daniel, who is not really visible to Joe, stops him and tells him to stay with the twins and he goes downstairs instead of Joe.

Scarlett is locked downstairs and she sees the bruises all over her body. She is sitting under a chandelier, trying to protect herself from whatever was hurting her. She hears something move and looks up to see the chandelier coming down. Scarlett feels someone move her away and it crashes, the glass shards cutting her arm and leg. She is sitting near the door, clutching her hand, trying to stop the bleeding when she sees a dark hooded figure standing in the far end of the room. And right in front of her something white shimmers, as if it was trying to protect her.

Chapter 7

Just as she sees the dark figure charge toward her, the door opens and Joe pulls her out. He carries her upstairs to the twins’ room and locks the door. Both Scarlett and Joe hold the twins close to their chests and sit in the corner of the room.

When they realize that there were no banging noises coming from downstairs, Joe suggests he should go and see. Scarlett stops him. She tells him that Daniel’s spirit was keeping the demon away and she saw how he protected her. Cole begins to cry and Scarlett tries to soothe him. Avery was now asleep but they still hadn’t opened the door. Just then, Joe jumps up and tells Scarlett that he knows how to get rid of the demon. He tells her that it came from the Ouija board and if they destroyed it, it might go away.

Despite Scarlett’s protest, Joe runs downstairs. Scarlett stays back with the twins and finally manages to call Aaron. She explains to him that they need help and Aaron thinks someone broke in and he calls the police. Aaron tells Scarlett that they are leaving the party and will be there soon. Later, Scarlett goes down and finds Joe lying on the floor, eyes wide open as if he’s staring at something deeply.

Chapter 8

Scarlett calls his name and he stands up. She moves away in horror when Joe floats a little and jumps on her. He tries to strangle her when he’s pulled away by a strong force.

Scarlett hears Daniel‘s spirit’s scream asking her to take the twins and get out of the house. She runs upstairs and carefully lifts Avery and Cole and rushes downstairs. She turns around to see Daniel dragging Joe backward into the study and she runs out. Scarlett keeps running till she reaches the street. She hears a car siren and sits down, holding the twins in her arms who are crying loudly. She looks up when someone calls her name and Aaron rushes toward her. Scarlett hands over the babies to him and Iris and points toward the house. The police arrive in time and she sees the paramedics running toward her just as she collapses and loses herself to the darkness and pain.

Scarlett is taken to the hospital. She wakes up the next day and finds her mother sitting next to her. Scarlett’s mother tells her that someone was here to see her. Iris and Aaron Taylor walk in with the twins. Scarlett smiles when she sees how happy the twins are to see her.

Chapter 9

Iris and Aaron tell Scarlett that everyone was safe and she asks what happened to Joe. Aaron frowns and tells her that Joe was possessed and they had to get help to get rid of the spirit that possessed him. Scarlett asks them if Joe was fine now and they tell her that he had couple of broken ribs but he was fine. Joe was also at the hospital.

Scarlett remembers Daniel’s spirit and asks them if they knew anything. Aaron says that they got in touch with the previous occupants and found out that their son Daniel went missing one day. Later they found his body and they moved away because they didn’t want to stay in that home without Daniel. Scarlett tells him that she saw Daniel’s spirit and how it protected her.

Iris smiles and tells her that Daniel finally fought against the evil and took revenge for his death, and now he had finally moved on. The twins get hungry and start wailing, so their parents take them away. Scarlett’s parents come in and keep her company.

Chapter 10

6 months later

Scarlett goes to school and runs into Joe. He smiles and asks her if he could talk to her after school. Scarlett says yes. They meet later that evening and Joe apologizes for what happened. Scarlett tells him that this wasn’t his fault and she was just happy that they were safe. Scarlett still babysat the twins and the Taylors had moved to a different house, but she hadn’t seen Joe for almost six months.

Joe tells her that Daniel helped him get rid of that spirit that possessed him and how it haunted that house for years. Scarlett asks what happened to Daniel and Joe says he was gone after the exorcism but he didn’t really remember what happened. Scarlett suggests that they should forget this and move on. Joe smiles and asks her on a date. He tells her that he wants to do it right this time. Scarlett says they could give it a try too, and the teenagers move on with their lives.

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