If you are spending more than a week to plan and outline your next fiction book, then you are wasting time and limiting the size of your future book royalty checks!
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Today, You Are Going to Get Immediate Access to Hundreds of Plots, Designed Specifically For Authors Intent on Creating a Fiction Book Series.
Each Month, You Will Get Immediate Access to New Sets of Plots for a Future Book Series, As They Are Completed.
Dear Fiction Author,

How many times have you found yourself staring at the computer screen trying to figure out what story you were going to tell next?

How often do you find yourself reading other people’s stories to see if you can find the spark for your next fiction story?

How much time do you waste waiting for inspiration from the wordsmith gods?

Unless you are a writer, who has a deep well of creativity to pull from, you probably spend far too much of your time developing your story ideas.

And, Here Is The Problem With That…

We cannot collect book royalties on books not yet written…

In order to get paid for our time, we actually have to finish writing and publishing our book!

And when we do get paid, they won’t pay us extra for the time we spent staring at a blank page!

If we could actually get paid for staring at a blank screen, I’d be a millionaire already. :)

Pre-Written Fiction Plots Provide the Basics of
A Story You Can Make Your Own

A well-written plot will provide enough information to spark your creativity, without giving so much detail that you will feel stuck in someone else’s story construct.

A strong plot will:

The Greatest Stories Ever Told…

The greatest stories ever told share similar story plots…

Consider the Heroes’ Journey, for example…

Each of these stories tell the story of a young man, who will overcome overwhelming obstacles to achieve greatness and save mankind from the evil in the world…

The plots behind these stories are mostly the same, but the final story is different as night and day.

This is what a great plot writer will give you…

The capability to tell an awesome story in your own personal way — in a way that you can make the story your own.

Another Common Thread of
The Greatest Stories Ever Told…

Occasionally, we may opt to give away our book to find an audience for the stories that we tell…

If you have only one book in publication, that would be considered by many authors to be a fool’s errand…

But, when we have created a book series, giving away the first book can be very profitable for us.

The goal is to attract an audience to our first book, and convince them to buy the other books in the series to “get the rest of the story.”

When done well, we will be able to make the bulk of our royalties from the books that follow the first book in the series…

And this is why we should strive to create a series of books, as opposed to a stand-alone book…

After Just Two Years, She Is Earning a Half
Million Dollars Per Year in Book Royalties!

A friend of mine is publishing all of her new books in one of two book series… To date, she has published 19 books total in both of her book series… And now, just two years after she started writing fiction books, she is making a half million dollars a year in book royalties!

This proves a concept that most businesses rely upon… “It is cheaper and more profitable to sell more products to existing customers, than it is to go and find new customers.

Pre-made book plots are a great start for any book author looking for a great story to tell…

Pre-made book plots, assembled as a plot series, is what can give you the ability to create outstanding profits for your book publishing business!


We have hired the best fiction plot writers money can buy to ensure that we are able to provide you access to fiction plots you can use to create fiction novels that sell…

But, rather than asking our writers to create stand-alone stories, we have advised our plot writers to create a series of ten (10) book plots that you can use to create an outstanding story that you can develop into a compelling book series.

Each fiction plot series is created in the following format:

Take a Sneak Peek

Most plot creators ask you to buy their fiction plot packages sight unseen…

But, I don’t like doing business like that…

Rather than asking you to trust that my plots are good, I want to give you a sneak peek at what you will find inside.

In the images shown below, you will see the first plot in the “Cooper Brothers” historical romance plot series:

More About the Cooper Brothers Series

Ten boys were born to a plantation owner in Charleston SC.

The boys were coming of age as the Civil War erupted between the states. The older boys went into law enforcement, while the younger boys generally took different paths.

This series of ten stories follows the lives of all ten boys, from 1860 to 1879.

It documents the love affairs and weddings of the first nine boys, a few of whom who thought marriage wasn’t in their future.

As the story progresses, the Cooper Boys always find themselves in the right place at the right time to build considerable wealth.

Two of the stories are prefaced on a mystery that must be solved. This allows the younger brothers to call on their older brothers in law enforcement to join the storyline.

In the last book, the oldest son, from the second generation gets married, after taking employment with the family’s extended business corporation.

The women who join the Cooper boys in marriage are typically strong, mischievous women, who can typically hold their own in a bar fight or in sticky situations with the criminals of the wild west.

You will love these characters, as they are people who have a strong character, and they are committed to do the right thing, no matter the situation.

If You Like What You See…
There Is Only One More Thing To Do…

Choose the plan that makes the most sense to you…

We are offering a choice of packages to you.

About Our Plot Authors

Our plot authors have a wide-range of experience in the fiction industry.

K.S. produced plots for a professional fiction author, as an assistant, for more than twenty years. She has also started and facilitated two creative writing groups in her local community. In addition, she has also run summer writing camps for children, ages 7-12.

When I hired her, she told me:

I am a talented developmental editor. Everyday I am doing this in my mind as I travel through life. I see stories and story lines in every random person I see.

M.H. has published 30 romance novels in the last decade. She lives and breathes romantic fiction.

Here is what she told me when I hired her:

I plan out every story I write in great detail, and I have also prepared summaries and outlines for co-writers.

More About the
FictionPlots.com Membership Option

We currently have several plot authors and a webmaster on our payroll. All are people with extensive experience writing fiction.

We have advised our writers to create sets of 3, 5, 7 or 10 plots in the following categories: romance, historical, science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, and mystery.

As each plot author finishes his/her work, we upload those new plot series to the membership area of the website.

Since our monthly membership plan sells for a lot less than what most people pay for a single set of plots, you will be getting loads of extra value from our program.

Two years after launching this program (November 2014 launch), we so far have:

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I change the names of the characters and the setting where the stories take place?

Answer: In fact, we recommend that you do. When you are buying book plots, the goal is to get a story outline from which you can create your own stories. We strongly recommend that you change the names of the characters, the settings, and anything else you need to change to make these stories your own.

Question: Will there be additional genres covered in the membership site, beyond those listed?

Answer: Yes, when possible.

For the initial set of plots, we wanted to cover romance, historical romance, paranormal, fantasy, science fiction, and mystery.

The primary challenge for us has been first to find competent writers. The second challenge has been to find writers who are comfortable creating plots outside their chosen genres.

Question: How many plots should I expect to find in each plot set?

Answer: 3 to 10. Each series is being mapped out with ten chapters per plot, 3-10 plots per series.

Question: Will you offer 6-month membership options as well?

Answer: We won’t be offering a six-month plan, but we do offer a monthly, quarterly and yearly plan, plus our lifetime plan is very affordable.

Question: What formats are the plots delivered?

Answer: All of the plots are loaded into the website as HTML pages. We have done it this way to make it easy for you to copy-and-paste the parts of the plots you want to take — be it the entire plot or pieces of the described plot.

As a result of requests by a number of our subscribers, we have also tried to include DOC and PDF formats for plot sets that have been completed. We haven’t kept up with this part, but it is just as easy for you to copy from the web page and paste the plots into a Word document.

Question: What if you are creating plots in genres I am not interested in writing?

Answer: Most plots can be adapted to other genres, with a little bit of creative thinking on your part. Several of our clients do so on a regular basis.

One person I know converts contemporary romance and mysteries into Christian romance. Another converts historical romance into fantasy.

Question: How many plots will I get access to within this membership?

Answer: Right now, there are 245 plots (11-28-2016). More plots are being added every few weeks.

Question: How many plots will be available to me each month?

Answer: Everything you have seen previously will be available to you so long as you remain a member.

Lifetime and Annual subscribers will always have access to everything immediately and going forward.

Monthly and Quarterly subscribers will have access to a base-set of 120 plots in the first month, and additional plots will be uploaded as we have time to do so.

Our writers send in plots as they get them finished, then we will upload a stack of plots to the website as our schedule allows us to do so.

Question: Why are your plots more special than those I can buy from others for about twenty bucks?

Answer: Most sets of fiction plots that you will find elsewhere are sold in packages of ten. I have seen those ten-sets sold for anywhere from $12 to $50 per set. All are within a single genre, but they are ten stand-alone plots.

Most of the plots provided within the Fiction Plots website are packaged as series plots, meaning that you can use them to develop a book series of 3-10 books.

Question: How can you afford to continue to operate this website in a profitable manner if you are selling a Lifetime Subscription for such a low price?

Answer: Most of my customers are on a monthly or quarterly subscription. Those monthly and quarterly subscriptions will continue to bring revenue to the site that will continue to pay for the creation of new plots.

Lifetime subscribers are providing me the resources to develop more plots up front. Monthly and quarterly subscribers will help pay for ongoing costs.

Question: What assurances do I have that I will get more than a year or two worth of plots?

Answer: You have my word. Besides that, we have already been adding plots to the site for more than two years.

The only way that this project will end is if I die of natural causes or I get hit by a bus. So far, I seem to be pretty healthy but I did recently turn 50. ;) I still find that news shocking. I don’t feel that old.

I have advised my ex-wife that should I die prematurely, she should sell this website to someone who has the skill set to keep it moving forward.

Question: What about duplicate content? Won’t I get banned from Amazon if I publish books written with your plots?

Answer: This is a non-issue for several reasons.

ONE: You will want to change the names of the characters and the name of the locations, to make the story your own.

TWO: These pre-written plots will most often serve as a spark for your own creativity. You will make changes to the stories to turn them into something that is more appealing to you. Some people take out scenes, add scenes, merge multiple plots into one, and divide a single plot into several books.

THREE: If you and I started with the exact same outline, both of us will absolutely create completely different stories. In modern storytelling, Star Wars, Harry Potter and Percy Jackson all were written with the same basic foundation — the Heroes’ Journey. I think you would be hard-pressed to suggest that any of these stories were the same.

The bottom line is that no matter which single plot we take, all of us will derive a completely unique story from it. Our customers will not know that we all had a similar starting point, nor will Amazon consider our books to be duplicate content.

Question: Why don’t you just use these plots for your own books?

Answer: I do. But I developed this program as a result of several of my customers asking me to help them find plots that they could use for developing their own stories, and more specifically, to help them develop a future book series.

I have been providing training and services to writers since 2001, so when enough people had requested something like this, I decided that I knew how to find and hire the right people, so that is what I did.

So far, I am hearing wonderful success stories from my customers about how this program has been able to help them produce more fiction stories. It pleases me to hear such stories.

Question: How much money can I expect to make using your plots?

Answer: I am not the right person to answer that question. I have no idea what you will do with these plots, or how much effort you will invest into your books. I have no idea if you can even write a decent story. I have no idea if you will create a good title, an attractive book cover, or a book description that will convince people to buy your books.

There are simply too many factors to consider for anyone to estimate what you can earn as a result of your gaining access to these materials.

Question: What if I have more questions?

Answer: Send me an email at: support *at* fictionplots.com.

Be aware that I will respond from my global support email address at: support *at* thephantomwriters.com.

Question: What genres are you currently creating plots?

Answer: Half of our plot authors are creating plots in the romance genre, and the other half are creating plots in a wide range of alternative genres.

At this link, you can see the Last 500 Items Added. You will find the date posted, the genre of the plot, the title of the plot, and a link to the plot.

However, in order to see the linked content, you must be a paid member with the website.

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