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Dear Writer,

This project began when many of my writer customers expressed a need for a consistent supply of high-quality fiction plots, from which they could base their future fiction stories.

High-Quality Fiction Plots

I decided on a specific structure for the plots that I would develop for my customers...

Each Plot needs to be about 2500 words in length, in the following format:

OVERVIEW: This is the essence of your story and sums up what it is about in two sentences or less.

SHORT SUMMARY: This describes the basic storyline in more detail

CHARACTER LIST: A list of the main characters (including the protagonist and antagonist)

CORE CONFLICTS: The core conflict for your main character (protagonist) and their creative world

STAKES: What the main character stands to lose and what is at stake with regards to their creative world

10 CHAPTER OUTLINE: A step-by-step breakdown of each chapter with a short summary detailing what each chapter entails.

Then I began to hire plot writers to develop plots that matched this structure.

Since the more successful fiction authors tend to create books in a series format, I also decided that the majority of fiction plots that my team would create on my behalf should also be delivered in a series format.

In the beginning, all fiction plot sets were developed in a series of 10 plots.

Within just a couple of months, we started developing additional series plots in a range of lengths. As a result, we now have sets of 3, 5, 7 and 20 series fiction plots in addition to sets of 10 series plots.

We currently have more than 350 individual plots in a variety of fiction genres, most delivered in the series format, all of which will be available immediately to new subscribers.

We have over 350 fiction plots to choose from - over 1 million words of written content, to help inspire you to dream up new stories to tell your readers.

In order to see a sample plot and a current list of the plots available within our membership site, please review the sales page for that program. Click Here to Learn More...

Fiction Writing Guides

Once new subscribers joined the program, many also requested fiction writing guides to help them with specific aspects of their fiction writing endeavors.

As a result, I sought out and found someone to help me develop specific writing guides for my customers.

I have been developing writing guides for my customers for a number of years, but I needed help with addressing the specific nuances of writing fiction.

I found and hired a lady, who teaches "how to write fiction" to her college literature class. The resulting writing guides are a combination of her knowledge and mine.

Click Here to Learn More about the specific writing guides we have created for you.

Fiction Marketing Guides

With more than a decade experience helping writers market their works, I decided to add fiction marketing guides to my inventory.

So far, there is only one marketing guide, but it is the first in a series that will be developed.

You will be able to find the marketing guides on the same page as you will find the writing guides. Look for the marketing guides towards the bottom of the page.

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P.S. If you have any questions about this program, drop me a note
at “support ~at~”. I’d be happy to answer your questions.

Stillwater, Oklahoma USA



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