“Minkin Werewolf Clan” Access Problem Resolved

I received notice from a couple of people regarding access to the DOC and PDF files for the “Minkin Werewolf Clan” Series. I apologize for the problem. It was an oversight on my part. I have repaired the problem, and now everyone can access those files. If at any time you see any problems with anything on the site, please let me know. I am happy to correct my mistakes. Bill Platt

Erotica Requests – My Position on This Issue

I made the decision early to not publish erotica on this site, because some people would be offended by the placement of that content here. Personally, I am not someone who is easily offended by anything. I have purchased another domain for the purpose of eventually offering erotica to those who want access to that type of content. If you are someone who is looking for erotica content, I have a question for you. My initial thought was that I should provide content in two formats: Pre-Written Plots Pre-Scripted Love Scenes I will be honest. I don’t read or write erotica, so I need your help. My thoughts on the Pre-Scripted Love Scenes is that those could literally be dropped into ANY storyline, in ANY genre. And, I considered that we won’t be using the Love Scenes exactly as written, but instead we would use them as inspiration for the Continue reading

Progress Update on K.S.

I have news about our writer K.S., author of: The Cooper Brothers Series The Matchmaker Series Her work on the Matchmaker Series will not be completed. She took a full-time position doing SEO work for a company, who is paying her 5-times what I am paying her, and I was actually paying her above what every one of her previous employers had paid her. I cannot compete with “5-times” the money. I have asked her if she could complete the current Matchmaker Series, doing just one plot every one-to-two weeks. She said that she would attempt to do that. I had my fingers crossed that she would be able to do that for us, but in the end, it was not to be. . Bill Platt Posted: Dec 22, 2014 Updated: Mar 22, 2015

DOC and PDF versions (updated)

Just to let you know, I have been working on this all day today. The software does not offer protected downloads, unless I use Amazon S3. Unfortunately, working with Amazon Services is enough to drive me prematurely gray. I have been wrestling with the Amazon S3 integration with the membership software for more than 8 hours today. I will stick with it until I get it to work as intended. Thank you for your patience. UPDATE: One blazing headache later, I have finally figured it out. The test series has been set up. Now that I know it works, I will be uploading the rest of the documents tomorrow. . Bill Platt

Update 12-09-14

As of this morning, I have terminated one of my plot writers. Her first set of plots were decent by storyline, but poor by editing standards. I did the necessary editing to make her work presentable to you. When I was looking at her following plot series, I noticed that one of her plots was completely unbelievable. Then I noticed another two plots that were questionable in the believability arena. I pulled that series from the website. After having issues with her deciding on a storyline for her next series, I had asked her to do some single plots. As I began to read through the single plots, I realized that she wasn’t taking her job very seriously at all. In the end, I realized that given the amount of editing I had to do to use her plots, that I would be better off replacing her and throwing away Continue reading

Update 12-02-14

I just wanted to touch base with everyone. I have had a few requests for single stand-alone plots. I just assigned that task to M.N. M.N. is my fastest plot writer, and she is going to pop out 50 stand-alone plots in the coming weeks in a variety of genres. If you discover one of her singles that you would like to see her build into a series, just drop me a note, and I will ask her to do that. Several people have requested for plots to be made available as DOC and PDF downloads, in addition to the HTML format. My gut instinct on that is to wait until I have a completed-series, then set them up in the DOC and PDF files for provision to you. I will set up the completed series sets in DOC and PDF format next week. You will be able to find Continue reading