Jan 29th Update

Hello Everyone, Today, I was able to add the last three plots in The Baron’s Woman mystery series, all five plots in the Thoken fantasy series, and plot nine in the Shifting Affections series. I do realize that I haven’t yet assembled the PDF and DOC copies of these completed plot sets, but I will be doing that over the coming days. What I have ready to upload now includes: Plots 8 and 9 in the Wilder West series (historical western romance genre); Plot 2 in the Just Cause series (mystery/suspense, detective genre); Plots 1-5 in the Inspired Healing series (inspirational/spiritual genre); Plot 1 in The Ackerman Saga series (historical drama); Single plot in the mystery genre, called The Haunted House; Single plot in the mystery romance genre, called The Prognosticator; Single plot in the paranormal mystery genre, called Surviving Evil. I also have action-thrillers in development. Going forward, I Continue reading

Jan 28th Update

I am still recovering from a nasty virus that my youngest son brought home from school last week. I actually feel like someone wrapped me with a blanket and beat the heck out of me with a 2×4. Despite my less than ideal condition at the moment, I started uploading the final plots in The Baron’s Woman series. I am uploading plot #8 now, and will load the final three plots in this 11-plot series tomorrow. I did re-arrange the order of the completed sets on the Plots index page, by the date that the last plot in the series was completed. That will help people see better what has been completed since their last visit. For those who enjoyed the Just Cause single plot, I was finally able to get the writer to respond to my contact requests. I originally declared it to be a single plot, because the Continue reading

New Plots Update for All of January

Someone asked tonight why it has been more than a month since I have added plots to the site. I was confused at first, until I realized that I didn’t announce the new plots with a post. On Jan 14th, 6 plots were added. On Jan 10th, 8 plots were added to the site. On Jan 9th, 4 plots were added to the site. On Dec 30th, I added 4 more. I have 18 more to add this weekend. I will have those uploaded to the site before the end of the weekend. Sorry for not mentioning those additions in the posts section. I will remedy that going forward. Bill Platt