Member Update Just Emailed

Hello Everyone, I got a couple emails this week asking about the new content that I have been adding to the website. If you haven’t been able to find that new content on your own, I have discovered this week that you are not the only one. There are two bits of good news here: * I figured out this past week how to set up a specific page on the site that will programmatically always show what content was added to the site most recently, and the page will show a date and provide a link to those new pages. I will be adding this programming solution to the website this coming week. * A lot of content has been added to in the last month, and in this email, I am going to show you how to find it. I have been a little distracted for Continue reading

5-11-15 Update

The other day I mentioned to you that I have added an extra section to the site — Simplified Plots. There are two types of Simplified Plots that are going to be added to the site: Simplified Mystery Plots Two Paragraph Story Ideas With these Simplified Plots, we get the advantage of some really quick story ideas that we can build out into bigger plots. Now, bear in mind, I am providing these to you for two reasons: As a bonus for being a subscriber to this program; Doing so here allows me a simple way to organize this content. I do intend on using these Simplified Plots for other projects that I am building, but you will be able to access the information here first, as part of your normal membership. My writer A.L. is doing outstanding work. She is doing the Two-Paragraph Story Ideas, mostly in the fantasy/paranormal Continue reading

Update 05-05-2015

First off, I should have been updating the plot index page, but I missed doing that. I have updated it today, showing what was uploaded in recent months. Finding and keeping writers is tough. LOL Not every body has the same commitment that you and I do to our tasks. I currently have 22 writers on staff, but most are part-timers working only a few hours a week. We are getting new plots developed as quickly as we can. The lady who started The Matchmaker Series has returned to work. She left her higher paying job, because it didn’t give her the same satisfaction as writing plots. I will be uploading new stuff from her soon. I currently have plots 5-7 to upload in The Matchmaker Series. Additionally, she is working on several more individual plot series. I will be getting those plots into the site as well. She requested Continue reading