5-11-15 Update

The other day I mentioned to you that I have added an extra section to the site — Simplified Plots.

There are two types of Simplified Plots that are going to be added to the site:

With these Simplified Plots, we get the advantage of some really quick story ideas that we can build out into bigger plots.

Now, bear in mind, I am providing these to you for two reasons:

  1. As a bonus for being a subscriber to this program;
  2. Doing so here allows me a simple way to organize this content.

I do intend on using these Simplified Plots for other projects that I am building, but you will be able to access the information here first, as part of your normal membership.

My writer A.L. is doing outstanding work. She is doing the Two-Paragraph Story Ideas, mostly in the fantasy/paranormal genres, but she is also submitting story ideas in the mystery, suspense and science fiction genres.

I just finished uploading her first batch of story ideas:

  • Fantasy / Paranormal — 88 story ideas
  • Mystery — 19 story ideas
  • Science Fiction — 4 story ideas
  • Suspense — 9 story ideas

That is 120 story ideas in one week!


I have two more writers also working on the Two-Paragraph Story Ideas. Those will be uploaded later this week.

I also have two writers working on the Simplified Mystery Plots. I will start uploading their stuff this week too.

I have more regular plots coming online this week as well.

As usual, if you have any comments, questions or requests, let me know. I love hearing from folks.


Bill Platt

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